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Chocolate game Print E-mail

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Items needed 
A bar of chocolate
A die
A set of clothes - usually a hat, scarf, pair of gloves and coat
A knife and fork
Wrapping paper

Game Setup
The bar of chocolate is wrapped with the wrapping paper several times over. The participants stand in a circle around the wrapped chocolate bar. Every participant rolls the die and the person with the highest roll starts the game.

Game Play
The object of the game is to eat the whole chocolate bar. There is no real winner, however it can be played so that whoever takes the last bite of the chocolate bar wins.

Each person in turn rolls the die. If a person rolls a six, they pass the die on to the next person, then go to the centre - as the die continues to be passed around - put on all the items of clothing and then unwrap the chocolate bar using the knife and fork. However, if during this process another participant rolls a six, they replace the participant in the centre, so that the clothes are transferred onto the new player. When the chocolate bar has been fully unwrapped, each player in the centre has to eat the chocolate bar using the knife and fork, until the chocolate bar is finished.


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