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Bobby's World Print E-mail

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Bobby's World is a game most commonly played at parties or on long trips. The game is similar to the game scissors in that at least two players know the secret of the game, while the other players attempt to guess it. When everyone in the group knows the secret, there is very little point in continuing to play

Gameplay begins when one of the players with knowledge of the game says "I'm going to Bobby's World. What can I take?" Play then goes around the circle with players trying to guess one thing that can be taken to Bobby's World and one thing that cannot. This is put in the format of "You can take ____, but not ____."

Secret of Gameplay
The game revolves around only certain players knowing what types of things are allowed in Bobby's World. Only things whose spelling includes a double letter in it can be taken. Therefore, a book can be taken, but a page cannot because of the "oo" in book. Players who do not know how to play frequently think that the solution to the secret lies in the object itself instead of its spelling.

Sample Game
In this example Player A and Player B know how to play:

Player A: I'm going to Bobby's World. What can I take?

Player B: You can take a tree, but not a leaf.

Player A: I can take a pillow, but not a bed.

Other players would then attempt to guess objects to prove they know how to play. To keep up the confusion, players who know how to play use objects that are related so that players who don't know how to play will continue to look for a connection in the objects themselves. For example, "I can take a floor, but not a rug" is a better response than "I can take a floor, but not Africa" even though both are equally valid answers

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