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Types of Slots Games Print E-mail

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Types of Slots Games

Slot Machine Types

Slot machines in casinos will vary, but most online slot machines will have three reels or five reels like the ones that can be found at JackpotCity. You can try these slot games for fun by logging in. Many websites will offer over a hundred of these types of games to choose between. There are a lot of different themes for holidays, movies and more.

Three reel slots

These are the classic one-arm bandits that has been around since the 1890's. There are three reels that spin and stop separately, with winning combinations of symbols paying out.

Five reel slots

These have become more popular recently and you will often find that the brand named slot machines will all have 5 reels instead of the traditional 3. Certain machines will payout for combinations that have less than five matches. But, there are some five-reel slot machines that will only have a single payline.

What is a Payline

This is the line on the machine that symbols have to match up on for you to win. The number of paylines is different from machine to machine. You are not required to play all available paylines. For instance, on a five-line machine, you can insert two coins to only play two lines.

The majority of slot machines will have three reels and one payline. Sometimes, you can bet more than one coin at a time on these machines, but all bets will be on the same payline. Some three-reel machines will even have three paylines.

There is generally anywhere from five to 15 paylines on a five-reel machine. Some of these combinations can even include diagonal lines. Be sure to always check what the paylines are before playing because they can be different from slot machine to slot machine.


What you win will be different from machine to machine because some have higher pay tables and more frequent wins programmed into them.

Progressive jackpots

This means that the jackpot is constantly getting bigger. Most machines have the jackpot raised at a set amount, such as going up by 10 cents on each spin. There are not many slot machines that work in this manner - most will have a fixed jackpot.

Aside from progressive or straight, slot machines also vary by denomination, with machines ranging from nickels to $100 machines. The choice is always up to the player, but a helpful hint is to set a predetermined limit before hitting the slots, in order to save for next month’s bills.

Other differences in slot machines include a various number of reels and symbols (remember, the lesser the number of reels the symbols, the greater chance to hit on the machine), as well as the opportunity to play multiple coins in a machine. Often, the more coins played in the machine at once, the greater the payoff.

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