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Last Couple Out Print E-mail

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This is an old Swedish game and one which can still be played and thoroughly enjoyed. The players are arranged in double file. One player is selected to be "It" and takes a position about 10 feet in front of the file, with his back to it. He calls, "Last couple out". Thereupon the last two in the double file run forward, one on either side of the line and endeavor to join hands in front of "It", without being tagged. "It" cannot look behind or start to chase until the last couple are on a line with him. The couple are allowed to circle as far out from the double line as they wish in their endeavor to avoid "It", and may join hands in any position, so long as they are in front of "It's" original position. Should "It" tag one of them before they have had an opportunity of joining hands, the one tagged becomes "It", and the one who was "It" unites with the extra player at the head of the double column. Otherwise "It" remains "It".

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